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1. Introduction

As a responsible viewing facility, we take health and safety in our office extremely seriously. Considering the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have put together some information, all of which is based on Public Health England Guidance World Health Organisation advice. We will keep checking the government updates on social distancing and guidance on other issues and will update/change this policy where required.

What is Coronavirus?

A coronavirus is a ‘type’ of the virus. As a group, coronaviruses are common across the world with typical symptoms of coronavirus including fever and a cough that may progress to a severe pneumonia, causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Generally, coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease. Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new strain of coronavirus first identified in Wuhan City, China.

1.1 Purpose

  • The purpose of this policy is to make clear the steps we are taking to ensure that all our guests and team members stay safe.

  • We have prepared and issued formal guidance documents for guests and team members to follow. These are to help us, and you understand current advice and precautionary measures around personal and environmental hygiene.

  • We continue to keep a close eye on advice from the Department of Health and Social Care, along with Public Health England, on the Government website, we would encourage you to please do the same. 

1.2 Scope

  • The scope of this policy extends to all guests and team members here at the White Rooms.

2. Policy

2.1 Steps taken to keep you safe, well, and happy

We have provided the following items to ensure you safety, please take time to read and understand the following guidance and always follow any instructions given by any of the team.

  • We will ask everyone if they feel well and have no COVID symptoms

  • Each respondent will sign a form to say they are well enough to take part

  • Sanitiser gel available in reception, client rooms and respondents’ rooms

  • Distance indicators where required

  • Safety guard on reception

  • Social distancing gaps between seats in reception

  • Social distancing gaps between seating in client and respondents’ room

  • PPE equipment will be supplied to The White Rooms team

  • Face masks if required need to be worn by respondents – masks are available for anyone who does not have one

  • Groups of 4 – 6 people only while the social distancing rule is in place

  • Preferably no handling off money – we would ask for any transactions to be made via bank transfers or online vouchers

  • We have increased cleaning in all areas of the office especially on high traffic touch points such as door handles and furniture every 2 hours where possible.

  • Individually wrapped snacks such as crisps and biscuits will be available.

2.2 Payments

  • We will ask you when you book how you are paying respondents

  • Ideally we do not want to be handling any money, if you have your own set up we can offer you the use of our payment website – payments can be paid straight into the respondents bank account – please ask for details if you are interested in this.

  • If payment by cash is required, we will use gloves and there will be individual signature sheets and individual pens for the respondents signature

2.3 Use of rooms

  • We have plastic chairs that will be cleaned down after every session – please allow 15 minutes for us to clean the whole room ready for the next group/ASI

  • We will clean the tables and the handles of the doors

  • Stationery will be taken in after the group has finished and will be sanitised, the next group will have fresh stationery to use

  • There will be individual servings of snacks such as crisps, biscuits, and bottles of water

  • Hand gel will be provided in all our rooms

3 Communal Facilities

3.1 Toilets

  • There will be a system of single occupancy when using the toilets which will be monitored by The White Rooms team.

  • Toilets will be cleaned every hour.

3.2 Reception

  • Please use hand gel as soon as you arrive.

  • The reception has a hygiene guard around it to provide a safe barrier

  • The waiting area will have chairs 1+m apart

  • The respondents will be escorted to the rooms individually.

3.3 Clients

  • There is limited space available in the client room, at the moment we can accommodate 3 people in the room however we also offer web streaming so anyone anywhere can watch the group live, please ask for more details about this.  This will be reviewed when the social distancing changes

  • If ordered, takeaway food will be handed straight to you unopened, with plates already in the room

  • All stationery will be cleaned before arrival

3.4 Moderators

  • We will send the recordings via WeTransfer

  • All stationery will be cleaned upon arrival

  • Any stationery at the end of each session will be sanitised

4. Review Cycle

This policy shall be reviewed by Emma Richardson Weekly, or if significant changes occur, to ensure it remains suitable, adequate and effective in the light of any relevant changes to the law, or advice.

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